Bespoke Jewellery to Purchase – unique designer pieces available now

Lloyd has designed and created some unique pieces of contemporary jewellery which are bespoke and one offs. Have look at our collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, cufflinks, and more. There is something for everyone.

These are available to buy now. These pieces make beautiful and unique gifts for those you love and care about. Select something from our bespoke range, we can size to fit, or if you like something but would like a different colour stone, or gold instead of platinum or platinum instead of gold, let us know and Lloyd can craft this for you. Each piece is hand made by Lloyd in his workshop here in the UK, each piece takes hours to makes lot of love and care goes into each piece of jewellery he makes.



Contemporary brushed 18 carat yellow gold and platinum dress ring, adorned with Pink Sapphires and Diamonds, flanked by a totally amazing large Australian blue Opal.

Gorgeous one off, hand carved 18 carat yellow gold pendant set with a gently sparkling boulder Opal and multi diamonds.

Yellow gold set with a Pink Tourmaline and a Tsavorite Garnet. An absolute head-turner. Shine the light on it, and the gemstone refract and reflect the light in such a way that the ring comes alive. Natural light it looks bright pink, warm homely light, the stone radiates warmth and love. Really comfortable to wear, definitely a head-turner.

This extraordinary drusy quartz and diamond pendant is set-in 18-carat yellow gold and 950 platinum. This statement piece is a beautiful insight into a geode which has been opened polished and shaped into an elegant form.

Beautiful pearl from the South Seas set in 18 carat white gold. An elegant ring with a difference, held in a hand-carved scalloped lace setting.

Twin band white gold dress ring, set with a really unusual purple tourmaline and quality diamond, framed by two waves of brilliant diamonds.

Opposites. Yellow sapphires set in 18 carat yellow gold attached to a wave band with daimonds set in platinum.

Absolutely beautiful articulated brush 18 carat yellow gold bracelet, hand carved and smooth, this elegant bracelet is using Lloyd’s unique jointing to allow the gentle and feminine movement of the gold on your wrist.

Exquisite natural champagne 2 carat diamond set in 18 carat /750 white gold framed by diamonds set into the band that flows gently around the curve of this beautiful piece of stardust. This is truly a stunning stunning ring.

White gold eternity ring set with square diamonds. Elegance and beauty radiates from this beautiful band of stardust.

Not sure what to buy your loved one, want to say thank you to a colleague? Why not buy them some diamonds? Some of our clients buy diamonds, rubies, sapphires from us and then bring them back for us to design unique pieces for them. Other will buy diamonds just to have. In challenging times, investment diamonds are a beautiful way to reward your staff, thank your clients or leave heirlooms for your family. Have a look on our “buy diamonds” site. If you need any advice at all, we would love to hear from you to help advise what might be a good investment. Buy direct online with a simple click!

Pearls. Simple, Elegant, Timeless. We have a range of pearls, hand-knotted and ethically sourced, different sizes, different lengths. Lloyd can also create unique settings using gold and platinum, combine rows with other gems. More information on our page of pearls.

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