Pearl Elegance

Beauty from the Sea…

The timeless elegance and beauty of pearls. The perfect gift for those you care for. Whether it’s “thank you”, “happy birthday” or just plain “I love you”, pearls say a thousand words.

We source the best quality pearls from all over the world for you.

Over 30 years we have built up relationships with discerning collectors and experts and can bring in on approval for you to view, the colour, size, shape that you are dreaming of.

Whether it’s the pure radiance from the South Seas, the platinum greys of Tahiti or the quirky Baroque, what will you give? Contact us to share your aspirations, we can suggest a design or source individual pearls, rows and lengths to suit you and your budget.

REDESIGN – some customers come to us with pearls they’ve had for a while or have inherited, we offer a service to hand restring these for you, or can incorporate them into a new contemporary piece just for you and as future heirlooms.

Whatever you chose, you can be sure that they will look stunning, turn heads and make you feel like a princess.

We look forward to speaking with you and showing you a collection.


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