Green and Blue Sapphire Heirloom Pendant

To have the pleasure of turning beautiful Heirlooms into beautiful pieces of jewellery that you look forward to wearing everyday and cherish the memories of your family, is truly an hour that I am blessed with. Green and blue sapphire set in 18ct yellow gold with platinum and diamonds.

Modern Birthstone Ring

I have had the pleasure of creating this exceptionally beautiful and significant ring using a family heirloom and hand making each individual setting in platinum. This piece is a modern example of a Birthstone ring compiling of a Tsavorite Garnet for January, two Alexandrite for June, a Ruby for July and a Citrine for November.
Wishing the keeper of this ring much joy in wearing this truly individual crafted piece!

Tactile Sleek Beauty

The diamond ring for everyone, tactile and sleek and sexy. Stunning high-clarity, clean 0.88ct diamond set in solid heavy-weight platinum. This was a creation of elegance and beauty to design and make. While most people imagine diamond jewellery to fall into the realm of women, Lloyd makes a considerable amount of jewellery for gentlemen too either as commissions from the men themselves or from their partners. Also, some women like something heavier and more sleek. Personally I think this design works fantastically well with a sharp tailored black suit whatever sex you are, and is a perfect investment piece.

Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring

Transforming pieces with a story to create an absolutely gorgeous ring, a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring made in platinum. Apart from creating this beautiful timeless piece of stardust was the absolute joy when the keeper of this piece picked it up and put it on. These are the the best moments in my creativeContinue reading “Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring”

Platinum Stars and Hearts

Wedding rings should be as special as the couple who wear them. You wear your wedding rings every day, they are a reminder of the love and energy you share together. Lloyd was recently commissioned to create these two special rings for an amazing couple. Lloyd always starts by hand-drawing sketches for his designs, sharing them with the couple. Then using the highest quality platinum, and ethically sourced shades of blue diamonds and mauve/wine red Diamonds, he spends hours measuring, carving, smoothing, setting, polishing. You can see in the video here: The process takes many hours and is a testament to his skill, patience and an extraordinary lifetime experience working across three continents. His work is collected by royalty, musicians, entrepreneurs, CEOs and families all over the world. If you have a dream ring you would like hand made bespoke for you, we would love to hear from you.

Titanium and Family Heirloom Wedding Rings

Titanium is an interesting choice for a wedding ring, despite the fact that it is a lightweight metal, it is incredibly strong and can be quite difficult to manipulate. It is a symbol of strength and has been used as a talisman to overcome adversity, and help protect you against fear as well. The metal was named after the Ancient Greek Titans who were the gods before Zeus, Hera and Aphrodite took over. The Titans were strong and fierce-some, the wearer of any piece of jewellery made of this really interesting metal can conjure the essence of a primordial energy and protect those around them. The exquisite white gold one is made from family jewellery, which Lloyd smelted down and hand-forged to be her wedding ring and fuse the memories and honour their history in her ring. Set with a beautiful row of quality, ethically-sourced diamonds, the ring will sparkle happiness and love on the bride’s finger. This was a special pair of rings made for a wonderful couple, and we wish them all the love in the world from us here. To commission Lloyd to make something bespoke for your wedding contact us.

Pearl and diamond earrings

Sometimes you just have a little bit of magic in your hands. I was delighted to work with these two gorgeous pearls. My customer wanted something special, elegant and classic so I worked in 18 carat yellow gold and set the studs with a large pear diamond in each, nestled in a cluster of smaller diamonds which just add a touch of glamour and beauty to celebrate the purity of these two high quality pearl drops.

Hand-carved Magic

I love my job. These are just three of the rings I’ve designed and hand made in the last few months. Every piece starts with a conversation with you, finding out what you love, what means something to you. Once we’ve discussed what you’re looking for, I spend some time sketching ideas and will then send drawings to you with suggestions of which precious metals to use, which stones, which colours and how they would look best in the design. Once you’re happy with the design, I then go on and start making. The process can take a while, as I hand-carve, shape, align and set every detail. I’m meticulous at each stage, taking pride and time in every part of the process. If I think back over the years I’ve been designing and making jewellery, I wonder at how many gemstones I’ve set, how many wonderful families I’ve met and how much happiness my work has created. I’ve been truly lucky to have taken the path I have, and still there are hundreds of pieces racing to get out of my head, onto the page and into the gold and platinum. I love playing with stardust.

We’re open again!

Good news! We are open again, but by appointment only. Please do call/text/Whatsapp me on 07939 289544 to arrange a time. I really hope you and your families have kept safe and well, has been a challenging time for so many. I look forward to seeing you soon. I also do video consultations if that helps anyone not able to make it out.