Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring

Transforming pieces with a story to create an absolutely gorgeous ring, a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring made in platinum. Apart from creating this beautiful timeless piece of stardust was the absolute joy when the keeper of this piece picked it up and put it on. These are the the best moments in my creativeContinue reading “Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring”

Hand-carved Magic

I love my job. These are just three of the rings I’ve designed and hand made in the last few months. Every piece starts with a conversation with you, finding out what you love, what means something to you. Once we’ve discussed what you’re looking for, I spend some time sketching ideas and will then send drawings to you with suggestions of which precious metals to use, which stones, which colours and how they would look best in the design. Once you’re happy with the design, I then go on and start making. The process can take a while, as I hand-carve, shape, align and set every detail. I’m meticulous at each stage, taking pride and time in every part of the process. If I think back over the years I’ve been designing and making jewellery, I wonder at how many gemstones I’ve set, how many wonderful families I’ve met and how much happiness my work has created. I’ve been truly lucky to have taken the path I have, and still there are hundreds of pieces racing to get out of my head, onto the page and into the gold and platinum. I love playing with stardust.